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About Sheikh Seebaway


Born the in Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana where he had his basic Islamic and secular education, Seebaway attended Navrongo Secondary (NAVASCO) and the University of Ghana - Legion, where he graduated with First Class in Arabic and Philosophy. He earlier studied for a diploma in the study of religions at the same university where he also obtained a Master of Philosophy in African Studies (Anthropology). His thesis has been published with the title: Muslim Healing: Theory and Pratice.

Sheikh Seebaway learnt to read the Qur'an from his father and then joined the Ambariyya School of Afa Ajura in Tamale where he learnt the rudiments of Arabic language, Fiqh and Sirat. This knowledge proved important when he was allowed to register and write the Ordinary and Advanced level examinations at Navasco even though there was no tutor for those subjects in the school. The school appointed him with only his O'Level as its first Islamic Studies Teacher and he carried out his duties so well that he soon found himself teaching every class from form one to Upper six, including his own former class mates who had made it to the sixth form. Seebaway also became a counsellor, spiritual guide of the Muslim students as well as patron of the school's branch of the Ghana Muslim Students' Association. (GMSA)

 At the University of Ghana, while pursuing the diploma in the study on religions (1980-82), he was unanimously elected as the local President of GMSA even though there were older and more senoir Muslim students doing degree and other courses in the university. The truth was that, one could not just fail to notice his Islamic cmmitment. He travelled for the first time outside the country, to attend an Islamic conference in Libya and has since travelled to many countries in Africa, Asia and Europe, including his first hajj in 2004.



Back in secondary school Seebaway was an accomplished athlete, winning medals in cross country, 1500, 800 and 400 meter races. Thus he represented his House at inter houses athletics, represented his school at inter schools as well as the then Upper Region in inter regional and national competitions. From 1978 he also started a long journey into spirituality and martial arts, obtaining various levels of competence in Taekwando (Korean) Shotokan and Wa Do Ryu (Japanese) and American Street fighting.



Earlier in secondary school Seebaway ventured into music, becoming a member of the school band, playing two key functions as the drummer for funky music and vocalist for Afro-beat music. His showmanship on stage, dancing skills and energetic drumming won him admirers and fans at every performance. In those days, he had many admirers among girls but by some divine grace he never went all out with any of them but kept his virginity until he got married around age thirty in 1986. He never tasted alcohol and cigarettes but smoked Indian Hemp for about one year (1975 -1976).



Seebaway started to exhibit creative talents by composing songs, poetry and prose early in life. Thus far, he has a collection of published and unpublished poetry, novels and short stories, a number of songs of praise and two recorded albums comprising of a total of eight songs. Song's in his first and second album used to be played by DJs on Radio Ghana and other FM stations. Some of his poems have been published while his films and drama productions have been shown on GTV, TV3 and Metro TV, especially during Eid up Fitr and Adha celebrations



In 1978, Seebaway had a spitual experience which turned his life around. This was after he had disappointing results which could not send him tho the sixth form, despite being a good student and having been tipped for distinction. He was disappointed, depressed and sorry for himself. He fell suddenly ill one morning when he woke up with a swollen foot and could not eat or drink anything for three dayes. During the day he saw visions on the floor and walls of his room. Then in he middle of the third night, a Friday night, someone came and invited him to come with him.

 "It was like a dream, the sky or couds were opening and we were just rising higher and higher through them. Then I woke up. As I lay there wondering what was happening, I went back to sleep. The person came back and told me we had not come to the end of the journey. We continued moving from where we had left off, higher and higher. I was showed around and asked to join the propet Muhammad (saw) and his disciples which I did."

The transformation which happened in Seebaway's life after that experience baffled many. His sudden love for Islam, piety and humility stupified many and the job he got as the youngest and least qualified tutor in his former school, was higher and more dignifying than the sixth form he did not qualify to attend. The high standard of morality he exhibited, his commitment to teaching and unbelievable expertise could have only have been as a result of divine grace. Ironiclly he even taught his former mates who had made it to the sixth form and they all obtained excellent grades.

Two years later he entered the university of Ghana, where, close to Akuafo Hall Annex B., he single handedly put up a mosque structure for Muslim students to converged for congregational prayers. He used to wake up at 2.00 am to carry the blocks and stones for the structure. When it was done he was both the muezzin and the imam. He used to call the Adhan even for fajr prayers despite persistent mockery and intimidation by some non Muslim students.

In spirituality, he met different teachers and received lessons on telepathy self purification and meditation. His Islamic orientation is Sufism and enjoys group zikr, silent meditation and constant quest for higher knowledge and enlightenment.



Seebaway has been a teacher at all levels of Ghanaian education since his first experience as a pupil teacher at the Nyohini Presbyterian Primary school in 1978. Besides Navasco, he has taught Islamic studies at Ghana Secondary Scool, Tamale and West Africa Secondary School, Accra. He was key to the establishment of the Islamic Univerversity college, Ghana, where was appointed as its first administrator and lecturer. He taught many subjects including philosophy, Sufism and Medicine and Healing. He remained as a lecturer at the Islamic University for ten years before joining the Department of Religious Studies of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) July 2011.

Seebaway has served the country as a counselor with the National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) and Platform member of the National Desaster Management Organization (NADMO)



Seebaway has featured in all major Ghanaian TV stations discussing various Islamic topics. He previousely hosted a Children's program on Metro TV and an educative and motivational Islamic program on TV 3 which came on every Friday morning for nearly seven years.

He speaks regularly at Islamic seminars and conferences, wedding parties and does marital and academic counseling services. He is a motivational speaker and when in his elements, a gifted intertainer who can set anyone cracking with laughter.

He has fasted regularly on Mondays and Fridays for many years now, wakes up around 1.00am each day, to pray, read the Qur'an and other Arabic or English books as well as do some writing, all before the Fajr prayers after which he does his morning zikr before starting his day.

Seebaway is the biological father of three children (Two girls and a boy), a teacher, father and inspirer of many people including his wife whom he single handedly taught to read the Qur'an, read, write and speak English.


In conclusion, Seebaway is always keen to please God with acts of righteousness, support for the poor and needy and enjoys feeding animals and birds. His Tafsir (commentary) of the Qur'an is taught provoking and his spiritual healing experience goes beyond ruqya, exorcism to Psycho-therapy and Advanced Pranic Healing.