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General Counselling

From experiences gathered in my own life whereby I was born into a very poor family, to parents who were both illiterate and brothers and sisters none of whom was sent to school, I have a lot to share with people who are facing challenges in life. I was pushed by ambition, determination and faith to reach this humble but wonderful place in life.

Throughout my working life cum teaching career at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels I have encountered people with social, emotional, psychological and economic problems and managed by God’s grace to put the smile back on their faces. I have found myself counselling students, co-workers, colleagues, married couples, business people, and politicians, young and old.

My experiences as a counsellor had a boost with the Ghana National Reconciliation Commission which was my baptism of fire into structured professional in counselling. I learnt from those days that sometimes people are just looking for someone to listen to them with sympathy and empathy, to motivate them, inspire them, and show them some love and understanding, pray with them to get them back on track.


By Allah’s grace, I’ve been such a person to many people, male and female in the past and will not be tired of playing this role now that I’m old enough to consider myself getting closer to my grave by the day, nay, by the hour. I’m not making any promises but in general counselling you and I will be guided by Allah as always to see light at the end of the tunnel. Peace to you and stay blessed.